Not your average dog bed


100% Handcrafted

We make each of our products entirely by hand, meaning we control every step of the process. From the initial selection of materials to the final packaging of each order, we literally have a hand in every piece that you purchase - meaning every bed is handmade, with love, for you.


Design Focused

Bucking the trend of the oddly-colored, overstuffed, and obscenely patterned pet beds, we wanted to offer something with a little more (we think) taste. Our dog beds are designed to complement a variety of decor styles, affording you the benefit of not having to choose between your pup and your home’s feng shui.


Easy to clean

All of our beds are offered with removable cushion covers that are exceptionally easy to clean. Specific washing instructions vary a bit between fabric options, but all are water-proof and can, in most cases, simply be cleaned with a damp rag. Now that’s easy.